Saturday, January 11, 2003

The Real Story

The real story on the January 6 entry is that it wasn't the January 6 entry, it was the January 2 entry. I was talking with someone on Instant Messenger while I was writing it, I went to reduce the blog screen so I could bring up the IM screen and somehow lost the whole thing when I was halfway through. So I rewrote the entry, this time finishing it, and when I went to publish it I got a message about the action being cancelled and everything was gone again. So then I rewrote the whole thing in Word but didn't have the guts to try to cut and paste it into the weblog for 4 days. The whole series of events was rather traumatizing, which explains why it has taken me another 5 days to write anything. This is being written directly into the weblog so we'll see what happens.

I'm well on my way to having the new presentation ready for Thursday. I practiced once, the timing seemed great; I practiced a second time and the thing seemed to run 15 minutes longer. I say "seemed" because I don't actually remember when I started. I've begun writing the speech for the lunch crowd. I've decided to speak on the subject of "profanity." It could work.

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