Thursday, January 23, 2003

Running with the Muse

I did not plan to write about cartoons, comics, and graphic novels today. I didn't actually plan to update this blog today, either. I was supposed to do it last night. However, as a result of something that happened this morning, everything has changed.

I was working on a character for the new book (the really new book--the one that hasn't been written yet, which should not be confused with the new book that is coming out in June). The character is an art teacher. I thought it would be funny to have him teach only one thing--cartoons. So I went on-line to do some research, got all kinds of ideas, and found some interesting sites that I will now share with you.

Cartoon Art Part of "Art of Illustration" at the National Library of Canada's site


YA Talk Graphic Novels Part of the Booklist site

I think I'm going to have this character write a graphic novel, since I have a modest interest in the genre (see Nov. 13, 2002 and Jan. 6, 2003 entries).

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