Tuesday, May 18, 2004

And What Did You Get For Mother's Day?

Okay, here I go talking about one of my kids again. I'd just like to point out that I've been keeping this blog for a couple of years, and I've only mentioned the little dears twice. Maybe three times.

The day before Mother's Day, Little Dear II, went to a used book sale, something he's very fond of doing. (In fact, this afternoon he's off to a going-out-of-business sale for a used bookstore.) Anyway, the day before Mother's Day, he buys me my Mother's Day present at this booksale. I should have been kicking his backside for waiting until the last minute, but he did buy me something cool.

What he got me was The Children's First Reader by Ellen M. Cyr. I've found very little on Cyr on-line, though she is supposed to be one of the first women involved with writing an instructional book for children, and eventually she had a line of them known as Cyr Readers. My particular book is dated 1893 and has one torn page.

I also have a reproduction set of McGuffy Readers that I received for Christmas years ago. I thought I was going to read them, but, guess what? I didn't. I'm hoping for a better fate for my new book from my son. I'm leaving it floating around the living room and sunroom hoping I'll read it.

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