Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wendell Minor On The Cape

I have contacts on Cape Cod this week, and they informed me that Connecticut artist and illustrator Wendell Minor is part of an exhibit at the Heritage Museum & Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Check out this neat two minute film and text description of Wendell Minor's America, which runs through October 8.  The slides accompanying this article show a children's work station connected to the exhibit. I have it on good authority that this set-up is a particular hit.

I first heard of Wendell Minor while attending my first Connecticut Children's Literature Fair at UConn. He was there with author Jean Craighead George, who he did a lot of illustrating for. I  heard him speak, mostly about working with George, and stood in line forever to have Jean Craighead George sign a book for my niece.

So I feel as if I have a (probably stalker-like) connection with Wendell Minor and am always happy when I hear good news about him. Which is the only kind I ever hear.

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