Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Time Management Tuesday: Thursdays!

I stumbled upon 15 Time Management Strategies for Freelancers at Freelance-Work-Guide.com while on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. As a general rule with these listicle time management things I find a lot of the same old, same old or they don't relate to things writers can use. Maybe I find one interesting offering.

And that was the case with this article. What did I find that was interesting, that I think writers can use?

"Thursday Debriefings: Use Thursday as your day to review your progress over the week and identify the projects you need to complete by the weekend."

Yes! I actually did this for quite a while a few years ago, in a What Did You Do This Week, Gail? feature here at the blog. Every Friday I would do a post on how I had used my time for that year's objectives. I would prepare it on Thursday nights, and if I found that I was behind on the social media related goals, I hustled to promote blog posts to Twitter, Facebook communities, Goodreads, and, at that time, Google+. Thursday night was a catch-up night.

What Can You Do With Thursdays?

  • Use them regularly to check in to make sure you're spending your time on your work goals.
  • Use them to catch up with small tasks.
  • Use them to to decide what you haven't done this week that you really wanted to do, that being how you'll spend the rest of your work week.
So, keep the Power of Thursdays in mind.

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