Friday, August 06, 2004

In the News

About Me

First off, I mailed my manuscript out yesterday morning. So you won't have to hear any more about my fourth draft. However, it shouldn't be long at all before you have to listen to me complain about the fifth one.

About Cornelia Funke

In an article about Cornelia Funke in The Guardian Kate Kellaway reports that Funke plans to extend Inkheart into a trilogy. This was interesting news since some people think the original book was plenty long enough. Kellaway also says that the book has been optioned by the studio that made Lord of the Rings, and that while Funke was imagining Mo, the father in the story, she was picturing Brendan Fraser.
I always thought of Mo as being older with less hair.

Ah, Now the Movie's Ruined

I read at a couple of different blogs that some folks believe that M. Night Shyamalan's The Village is a whole lot like a certain YA novel from a few years back. I'm not mentioning the novel or posting any links so that the movie won't be ruined for you the way it has been for me because I've read the book!

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