Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Chaos Wins, At Least For The Rest Of The Summer

My true-blue followers are aware that we have family issues this summer with elder care and a relative in the physical therapy stage of recovering from surgery. To deal with the extra work load, I pretty much dumped some of my goals for the year. Mainly generating new work, supporting and promoting diverse literature, and most of community building/general marketing/branding. The marketing effort for Saving the Planet & Stuff was already shot. I was down to just submitting work.

Well, I can't manage even that. I can't take any more of this frustration. I am not pleasant when I'm frustrated. I can't take any more being unpleasant.

So after making some submissions tomorrow morning, submissions I've been working on the three or four hours a week I've had for work the last month, I'm throwing in the towel for the rest of the summer. By "rest of the summer" I mean end of September. Additionally, except for the Connecticut Children's Literature Calendar, I won't be posting here until I'm back at work.

Unless something really exciting happens that I just can't pass up.

I had to take four and a half months off from work seven years ago for another elder care issue. I came back from that, so I can come back this time, too. Yes, I can!

What I should have for you when we're together again:

  • Focus training. Seriously, I found something on this. I'll try it out for you over the next couple of months.
  • A baby shower with a picture book theme. Seriously, I'm involved with giving one. I'm bringing spaghetti sliders. I'll explain in September.
  • Nanowrimo prep. Seriously, I think I'm doing Nanowrimo this year. Hahahaha. 
  • Adventures with my iPad. Seriously, I got one. I'm going to go do something with it right now.