Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Time Management Tuesday: 2017 Goals And Objectives

What do we do at the beginning of a new year? Why, we plan how we're going to use our time over the next twelve months, of course. The very best kind of plan, in my humble opinion, is a detailed set of goals and objectives. Once again, goals are what one hopes to achieve, objectives are the tasks necessary to achieve them. What you're going to do, and how you're going to do it. Without objectives, goals are a lot like New Year's resolutions. And, you know, ninety-two percent of people who make those things are supposed to fail with them. Let's not go that way.

Goal 1. Adhere to Goals and Objectives 


  • Set time frames now for at least some of this year's goals.
  • Continue weekly checks of goals
  • Experiment with using timekeeping app to stay on task 

Goal 2. Generate New Work Through End Of April--Adult Novels


  • Complete final draft for Becoming Greg and Emma.
  • Finish a first draft of Seeking God.
    • Blueprint new chapters. 
    • I have a beta reader lined up for this manuscript
  • Assign number of hours per week for each project, using timekeeping app to stay on task


Goal 3. Generate New Work, May Through August--Short Stories & Essays


  • Food essays!
  • External support for willpower essay
  • Essays developed from workshop proposals
  • Research markets all year
  • Make essay and short story reading a priority
    • Beginning with the first issue of my Carve subscription, which I've had for a couple of months


Goal 4. Make More Than 33 (last year's number) Submissions Of  Completed Work Throughout The Year


  • Trouble at Wee Play World to list of publishers 
  • Essay to P&W 
  • Research deals at Publishers Marketplace
  • Research regional publisher for The Fletcher Farm Body 
  • Consider including brief market analysis with book submissions. 


Goal 5. Marketing Effort For Saving the Planet & Stuff EBook For April, Earth Day Month, Targeting Specific Markets


  • Create new slide show related to SP&S setting
    • Take pictures this month
    • Look into adding sound/narrative
    •  Research ways to promote the slide show
  •  Article on the recycling crafts in SP&S
    • Research markets for it
      • This objective would also support Goals 3 and 4, so...multiplier!


Goal 6. Support And Promote Diverse Literature As A Means Of Helping To Maintain A Civil Culture


  • Blog Posts Related To But Not Limited To:
    • Chinese New Year
    • Black History Month
    • Women's History Month
    • Earth Day
    • Canada Day
    • Labor Day
    • Native Reads
    • Readukkah
  • Provide social media support for other bloggers/writers generating diversity material


Goal 7. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding

One of my most successful goals last year, in terms of accomplishing the objectives.


  • Continue with writers' group
  • Continue with Original Content
  • January--Cybils judging
  • Check out NESCBWI spring conference, with possibility of attending
  • Check out NESCBWI-PAL offerings this year, with possibility of attending
  • Attend other authors' appearances
  • Continue with promoting Original Content at Google+, Facebook communities, Goodreads' blog, and Twitter
  • Continue reviewing environmental books at Amazon
  • Research markets (Supports Goals 3 and 4. Multiplier!)
  • Supports Goal 7, so another multiplier.

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