Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm Not Through Talking About Vacation Yet

While I was up in Canada, I bought a copy of Canadian Children's Book News. The article I was particularly interested in was A New Breed of Book Club by Lisa Doucet who writes book reviews for CM: Canadian Review of Materials. Her article in Children's Book News was about a book club for adult readers of YA literature. Its members are librarians and others connected with young readers as well as adults who just like to read YA literature.

I bought the magazine in a Chapters, which is very much like a Borders or a Barnes & Noble. I've been to a few of those stores on various trips to Canada. I'm always looking around in them for books by Canadian authors. This trip, I was walking around these stores, looking for Canadian books, and thinking how weird it must be to be in a store in your own country that's just full of books from another country, namely, the United States. (Books you have to pay a couple of dollars more for, by the way, then Americans do when they're buying them down here.) And then when you find a book by a real Canadian, it costs a bundle. I was seeing paperback Canadian books for over twenty dollars.

I think I would feel very odd about that if I were Canadian.

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