Friday, November 05, 2004

More on My Car Reading

Today, folks, we will discuss my second least favorite book (or second favorite, since I only read three) from my car trip last weekend.

Here is the problem I see with The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer--it's not one of Colfer's Artemis Fowl books! Colfer made the mistake of writing a series of books that is too good. It's hard to keep up the standard when you're moving out into other topics.

After getting that off my chest, I must admit The Legend of Spud Murphy is not bad and will have much to recommend it to those reluctant boy readers I read about earlier this fall. It's about a couple of wild brothers who are forced to go to the library where they must contend with an evil librarian who tries to keep them from reading books. It's not terribly long, and it's light in tone. I, personally, felt the ending was a little predictable, but I've read a lot more books then the seven to eleven year olds this book is published for. They may very well be surprised.

This would be a decent book for them to make due with while they're waiting to grow old enough to enjoy Colfer's Fowl series.

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