Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oh, No! I'm Turning Into Jane Yolen!

Not really. I know this is the case because my teeth are in much better shape than Jane's. Otherwise, I'd be worried.

In her on-line journal, Jane is always talking about all the things she does instead of writing. That's been the case for me for the better part of a month. Today I had a very good work day. But I spent it revising a biographical statement to send to some American Association of University Women's groups for whom I'll be speaking this spring, taking care of personal e-mail, typing mailing labels for some marketing work I'm doing, and starting--just starting--to clean my desk. Meanwhile, the stack of manuscripts I want to do something with is gathering dust.

While cleaning my desk, I found a hard copy I'd made of a website called YA Authors Cafe. This appears to be a site run by a group of YA authors, and they run what looks like Instant Message discussions on various topics: interviews with authors and panel discussions on things like "What is YA literature?," "YA Romance," "Beach Reads," etc. You can read their chat logs for the past year. It appears that their next on-line event will be on January 11th at 8:30 EST when they will interview Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld.

I had never heard of either one of them but clearly someone has.

This is the third case I've heard of recently of writers who do both YA and television work.

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