Monday, May 16, 2005

My New Obsession

I'm finally off Lizard Motel, and now I'm on to Virginia Woolf.

I had my first experience reading Woolf about three and a half years ago when I was taking a graduate course. We read a Woolf essay about going shopping for a pen. Or a pencil. I was...intrigued. Then last year I read To the Lighthouse. I was...intrigued. Last week I saw The Hours, which is about three women loosely connected by the book Mrs. Dalloway, one of the three women being Virginia Woolf who wrote Mrs. Dalloway. I was...intrigued.

By that point I wanted to read Mrs. Dalloway, but, of course, our library didn't have it. So instead I saw the movie version. I was...intrigued. Especially by Vanessa Redgrave who plays Mrs. Dalloway and is constantly talking about "my parrrrrty," which she is giving that very night.

As my two regular readers will tell you, there must be a kidlit connection to this ramble or I wouldn't be rambling it here. And, sure enough, there is. Virginia Woolf wrote a children's story called Nurse Lugton's Curtain. And I just read that it was found among the pages of the manuscript for...Mrs. Dalloway! How cool is that?

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