Monday, November 07, 2005

Some New Links

Quite some time ago I was whining here about all the new kidlit blogs that keep appearing and how I don't have time to keep up with them. However, I only had four links listed on my own weblog, and only three of them were kidlit. Which I'm sure left people wondering why I couldn't keep up with just three blogs.

Well, I do check out more than three a day. I just don't have the skill to change my blog template myself and had to pull my wits together so I could ask my computer guy to do it for me and then give him all the instructions. As you can see, I finally managed to do it.

Big A little a and Chicken Spaghetti (no, I have no idea where either of those names came from) are both less than a year old. Both sites are attractive (not that looks matter), they do a good job at staying on topic, and I'm embarrassed to say that both their keepers are doing a better job than I am at keeping up with new books.

Read Roger is even newer. I'm including it with my links because Roger Sutton is editor of The Horn Book and since I like to react to his writers' articles here, it seemed only fair to send people his way so they can hear what he has to say, too. The new issue of The Horn Book is floating around my living room, by the way. It will probably be next month before I can get to it.

I've included Telling the True: A Writer's Journal, because, as my long-time readers know (if I have any), I am obsessed with it. Jane Yolen doesn't stay on topic in Telling the True, but she also isn't writing a blog. She's keeping a journal, so she gets to tell us about her doctors' appointments and dinner engagements. Read her journal and you, too, will become obsessed with the mystery of how a woman who gets as little work done as she claims she does, manage to publish as much as she does. Or even get rejected as often as she says she is. Remember, you've got to write something down before editors can say they don't want it.

I've recently (as in this weekend) discovered Art& Soul, an illustrator's site that I'll be keeping an eye on. This is another kidlit site that is less than a year old.

I have deleted some blogs from my daily list in order to make time for these new ones: sites that weren't being updated, and a couple of general library sites that didn't have that much to do with children's literature. I may have to make a rule that I won't start reading a new blog regularly unless I drop an old one. Harsh, I know, but I'm easily overwhelmed.

How are Things Going With NEssWriMo, Gail?

Since you asked, 1700 plus words today, meaning I made the minimum daily allowance. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing so this past week so my total is only 7,694 words. But since I'm working on essays instead of a novel and now have drafts of three essays completed, I'm feeling...calm.

Remember, you can't have work rejected if you don't write it in the first place.


I'm sorry this didn't get posted on Monday, the 7th. I'm having a lot of trouble posting on Blogger in the evening, and I forgot to put it up this morning.

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