Thursday, March 02, 2006

A New On-line Publication

Kelly Herold of Big A little a has started an on-line journal called The Edge of the Forest that is devoted to children's literature. Kelly says the new journal will provide more reviews and interviews than you'd expect from a blog, with longer, more complex material.

This is exciting. You never know where a new publication will go.

The Second Carnival of Blogs

Susan at Chicken Spaghetti is hosting the second Carnival of Children's Literature Blogs. Deadline for submissions is tomorrow at noon. It doesn't look as if I'm going to be able to submit this time because we're having trouble figuring out how to add those kinds of links that allow others to link to only one post. Whatever those are called.

Speaking of Spaghetti

I learned about the Spaghetti Book Club in my local newspaper because a school in the next town is taking part. (One of only two schools in the entire state, by the way.) You can read about the whole program yourself, but as I understand it, this isn't just a review site. Classes or reading groups take part in the program, during which students:

read books
engage in book talks
discuss the elements of a book review
read and discuss reviews from the Spaghetti Book Club web site
write group reviews to practice writing summaries,
opinions and recommendations
work on their own reviews
read their reviews for feedback from their peers
publish their reviews on the Spaghetti Book Club website
(From the Spaghetti Book Club site)

The Spaghetti Book Club program isn't free. But it appears that classes or groups that buy a membership are provided with a curriculum and on-line training for adult leaders as well as home pages at the Chicken Spaghetti site. Libraries and after-school programs as well as schools might be interested in checking it out.

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