Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just So We're All Clear About This

In an article entitled You, To, Can Right Like A Blogger in Wired News, Tony Long (who appears to be that publication's copy chief) says, "And very few blogs involve the kind of introspection that characterizes a serious journal. Most blogging is sheer exhibitionism, either the self-absorbed ramblings of an individual blogger or the corporate site that exists for the sole purpose of making money."

I guess my blog falls into "the self-absorbed ramblings of an individual blogger" category, because if my site exists for the purpose of making money, it's not doing a very good job.

Actually, sometime in the last couple of years I believe I did read an article that argued that Internet activity was improving kids' writing skills, simply because they have to write out their thoughts on IM and in e-mail (and probably LiveJournals, though the article might predate them) in such a way as to make themselves understood to friends, something they don't have to do as part of their regular carbon-based lives.

At the very least it must improve their typing skills.

Blog of a Bookslut gave us that link.

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