Saturday, July 01, 2006

And I'm Done!

I finished my meager marketing push for Happy Kid! today with a two-hour visit at a lovely little bookstore in a small town on the Connecticut River. Beautiful, beautiful.

We sold one book.

Was this a waste of time the way I've felt that so much of my marketing efforts were a waste of time? No. I spent the afternoon chatting with the bookseller and looking over her stock. We discussed, among other things, magical realism and whether or not writers are influenced by their reading.

On top of that, this woman has had my books in her store for a couple of months and has been selling them. I signed all her stock, and she'll be keeping them prominently displayed for a while. Best of all, she has read Saving the Planet & Stuff, is a fan, and has been handselling it.

That was well worth two hours of my time.

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