Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Overwhelmed At The Library

Well, except for a trip to Kinko's to see about having some bookmarks made before next week's school visit, today was a bust workwise.

I did hit Reading Fool's library, where I spent some time in the new nonfiction area. They had fourteen--no fifteen--books in that area. One of them had been there over a year, so it wasn't all that new. Nonetheless, fifteen books on writing described as new in one library. Maybe sixteen. I had trouble keeping track.

They had a book on writing in retirement, a book on writing and housework, and a book on writing historical mysteries. I considered taking a book on just general writing home with me, but it looked very heavy and dense, and I've had a bunch of writing books on the coffee table in my sunroom for over a month. If I want to read a book on writing, I should probably finish those.

I did take Novel & Short Story Writer's Market with me. And I stumbled upon and snatched up How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read by Pierre Bayard.

I've been talking about How To Talk for over a year without having read it. I'm a little bit worried about actually trying to read the thing because I believe I've seen Bayard described as an intellectual. A French intellectual.

I'm afraid his book is one of those kinds that it's better to know about than to have really read. But we shall see.

Rest assured. I will keep you posted.

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Miriam said...

Only a year old? That's good! If you look long enough (say, two minutes), you'll find some with '06 and maybe even '05 pull dates. :( We have a page back from college who is working on weeding out the really old ::koff:: new ::koff:: books. I hope he finishes by August! ::sigh::