Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Anne Of Green Gables Land?

Could Forks, Washington end up being America's Prince Edward Island, which is all Anne of Green Gables all the time? And I mean all the time. Seriously. I kid you not. You can't make this stuff up. I can't, anyway.

This is what the folks in Forks need to do: Create Twilight potholders, magnets, souvenir playing cards, dolls (both expensive collectibles and hot fashion-types), pencils, placemats. They need to arrange for a whole array of snack foods with Twilight packaging--popcorn, chips, gummy candies, soda, come to mind immediately. They can sell dried game--venison jerky, for instance--because that's what the Cullens eat. Though, of course, they don't eat it dried.

There's a baby in the last book! They can do Twilight bibs and diaper covers!!! Twilight board books!

Seriously, I think it's nice that this town is able to get what sounds like some much needed

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