Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sick Bed Reading

Tuesday was a sick day for me. I had to skip my taekwondo class, cancel my elder care duties, and bail on foraging for food. I felt well enough to think I was about to live a "found day." I had four or five things I could do for work and a never ending list of life chores. As I said, I was well enough to think of all these things, but I was too tired to do any of them.

What I did, instead, was read an entire book in one day, which was gratifying. As luck would have it, I had picked up some mind candy while on a marathon shopping expedition on Sunday. (Which may have been what sickened me, because I started to feel unwell that evening. This is why I do marathon shopping expeditions every few months--to avoid contact with disease on a more regular schedule.) Okay, you're not going to impress any graduate school admissions people by bringing up a paranormal romance like Changeless, but it is just the thing if you are spending the day in and out of bed.

Others have mentioned this book's cliffhanger ending. I, personally, just want to say that in the next book someone better do some really serious groveling.

In terms of characters and theme, I don't see that Changeless has much crossover potential for YAs. They'd have to read it for the sex and werewolves.

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