Friday, June 25, 2010

A Post About Reading A Blog About Reading An Author's Books

It's probably been a month since I've had a chance to look at The Trease Project, which interests me because it's about reading all the works of an author of historical fiction for children who was working, it seems, mid-twentieth century. It interests me so much that I read one of Geoffrey Trease's books, myself. So this morning while eating my cereal I spent some time trying to catch up with the Trease posts.

This one caught my eye because the blogger, Farah Mendlesohn, asks "...when did the parents of protagonists stop being referred to as "Mr" and "Mrs." by the author?" This past year, while working on the 365 Story Project (which has turned into something else entirely), I was referring to parents as Mr. and Mrs. for a while. I was feeling I was doing something a bit retro with that.

Mendelsohn also posts about a nonfiction book Trease wrote called Enjoying Books, which she describes as "an introduction to critical reading/literary criticism for chlldren and teens." Doesn't that sound intriguing? Seriously.

I had a thought while at the Trease Project--Maybe it would be interesting to do a reading project of books published in the year I was born. I will have to give that some thought.

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