Monday, January 31, 2011

So How Did That Internet Sabbath Thing Work For You, Gail?

Well, I stayed off the Internet all day yesterday. (I was on briefly Saturday evening, though I didn't blog.) I was off the computer all day yesterday, for that matter. I like being disconnected, as I knew from my most recent Retreat Week. But did staying off the Internet mean I was able to do anything more meaningful with my life?

My hope had been to spend a few hours working on my office, which has been in need of help for probably...hmmm...maybe a year? Or two? I have the heaps of stuff problem that so many people have. In the past I've dealt with it, put it all away, and then the piles grew again. What's causing this to happen, I believe, is multiple works in progress, which I try to keep handy by keeping them layered all around me. I've been trying to move toward some kind of open filing system so that I can easily put my hand on the notes and research for different projects. But there are all those piles to get through to decide what I need first. We're talking the equivalent of an archaeological dig.

So that was what I wanted to do with all the free time I expected to have on my Internet Sabbath. But, you know, we're suffering through a snowpocalypse here in New England, and we're expecting snowmaggedon later this week. Tomorrow morning, actually. So I ended up part of a work crew yesterday, trying to prep for that. Prepping being moving some snow so we'll have room for more. At one point I was on snow shoes so I could get to the top of a snowbank and work on whittling it down.

I ended up with maybe an hour of work in the office. If I continue with the Internet Sabbath and am able to work on that project for an hour a week, I figure I should have the office just the way I want it by the time we are ready to move on to the contemporary Alpine retirement ranch.

Where it will be time to start organizing an entirely new office.

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