Monday, June 06, 2011

I'm Bored

I am saying nothing about the whole Wall Street Journal Darkness Too Visible brouhaha because anything I would say would be something I've said before, just as that entire article is something that anyone who has been involved in children's and YA literature has heard before. Someone does a "Damn, those YA books are full of grim adult crap, huh?" article every couple of years. In fact, six years ago, someone wrote an entire book on the subject.

It's as if a generation only lasts a couple of years these days and YA is all new to the writers of these articles who are stunned...stunned, I tell you! what they find on the YA bookshelf. And then the people who read the articles are apparently the equivalent of a whole new generation, too, because their response to the Bad, Bad YA article is to be...stunned! Absolutely stunned!

Come on. Could we get a collective memory, which, I'm sure you'll remember, I was just talking about a couple of days ago, so we don't have to do this same thing over and over again? Because you know I have very little tolerance for repetition.

I have to go work on a new chapter. And get something to eat.

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