Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Finding This Overwhelming Rather Than Inspiring

Early on in my blogging career, I spent quite a bit of time stalking JaneYolen on-line. This wasn't as bad as it sounds, because she was my virtual sensei/mentor. It was no problem for her, because she knew nothing about it. No idea I existed. I  had to give the stalking up, though, not because she found out about it and called the law, but because I began to feel that spending so much time with her wasn't  good for me. She is mind-bogglingly productive, and she maintains a social life I can only dream of.

Well, after I started using Feedly reader to keep track of my blogs, I was better able to manage blog reading, so I took courage in hand and added Jane's. Earlier this week I found a great piece of flash nonfiction blog writing that she had done. But then today I found one of those round-ups she writes in which she relates info about the incredible amount of work she did in two weeks and the huge number of people she saw, people she wasn't related to and wasn't responsible for taking care of in some way. I know  I should find her inspirational, and I should make her my role model. But this is just two days after I did a whinefest here. I'm feeling more intimidated and embarrassed than inspired.

Perhaps I should  start stalking Shannon Hale. She sounds kind of worn out, and I think I might make a  better match with her than with Jane. Shannon and I could take naps while Jane's out shopping and having dinner with friends, after having done lunch with her agent.

Oh, wait. I just remembered. I'm not supposed to desire the life of others because desire leads to unhappiness. Right. Thank goodness. Now, I'm feeling better.

Off to work on an essay and an outline.

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