Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Retreat Weekend!

In addition to this year's retreat week back in January (I have pictures of Retreat Weeks 2012 and 2013 at my personal Facebook page, FB people), I'm going on a retreat weekend in November. I'm going to SCBWI Eastern New York's Falling Leaves Master Class for Novels Retreat. I found out I was accepted this afternoon.

I did attend the Whispering Pines Retreat back in 2006, but I was a presenter, not a retreater, shall we say. In addition, that was a weekend that was pretty full of events, almost a mini-conference. Falling Leaves is supposed to include time for working during the day.

Why a Writers' Retreat?


I've got a couple of reasons for wanting to attend a retreat. One is the community-building business I've been talking about for the past year. This will be an opportunity to do some networking with a smallish group of writers (36) and a half dozen editors. It's also often a struggle for me to find time to write, and the promise of time to do that--particularly on a weekend--is a draw for me. And, finally, I would like to get away from Gail Universe and enter another for a couple of days.

Gail Blogs the Retreat


Oh, yes, everything is material, so you're going to be hearing again and again about my retreat experience--getting ready to go and, once I'm there, how much of the alternative universe I'm able to find there. I really, really want to visit an alternative reality.

Tomorrow I reserve my room.

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