Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Time Management Tuesday: Reading "Boundless Creativity" Part 2

Last week I began writing about my read of  Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks by Martha Alderson. I explained about how her workbook encouraged me to create an inner, spiritual goal--"finish something"-- that I have found helpful the past couple of weeks.

Early on, the workbook asks readers to create an outer creativity goal in addition to the inner spiritual goal. Alderson describes creativity goals as "desires with a plan of action." The one I finally settled on was "Completing a book blueprint for 143 Canterbury Road by mid-June." (A blueprint is sort of an alternative outline for those of us who struggle with outlines.)

What To Do With Your Outer Creativity Goal

Alderson suggests breaking down your outer creativity goal into what we'd call here objectives. (She writes about long-term and short-term goals rather than goals and objectives.) So that's pretty standard. What is different, I think, is that she gives readers a way to assign those objectives/short-term goals a time frame. And there's also something objective-related that is tangible--as in something you can hold in your hand--and manipulate as you work or complete your tasks.

While using this system, I am making progress on what had been a very stalled blueprint/outline.

I will have more on Boundless Creativity in future weeks.

FTC Disclosure:  I received my copy of Boundless Creativity from a publicist marketing it.

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