Friday, January 08, 2021

Retreat Week Starts Tomorrow

Our annual retreat week, when we head off for the snowy north to do nothing but read next to that wood stove you see to your right, snowshoe or walk, and eat in restaurants, starts tomorrow. Except, of course, things being what they are, we aren't heading north or anywhere else. So we are retreating in place.

I will be reading like mad next week, doing more home yoga, heading out walking more frequently, eating takeout, and maybe binge watching a French TV show Netflix e-mailed me about today. What I won't be doing is writing for Original Content.

I will probably be posting at Facebook about our walks, so if we're Facebook friends you may see me there. I may Tweet about my reading, so if you're a follower, you may see me there.

As I've mentioned a couple of times this week, I'm missing a couple of virtual book launches in order to maintain the integrity of my retreat. However, next Saturday afternoon the retreat will be over, and I'm registered to attend an on-line event with Sharon Dukett, author of the memoir No Rules, which was published last year. Sharon is a Connecticut author I met in 2019.

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