Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Time Management Tuesday: The Sledding Method Of Time Management (With My First Video!)

Last week I wrote about what is said to be Ursula LeGuin's work schedule. What I liked about it wasn't so much that it appeared to provide lots of good quality work time, but that it provided nonwork time. Her schedule provided two hours of time for reading and listening to music! Three hours for cooking and eating dinner! And, yet, she was Ursula LeGuin!

My WIP Schedule

I am not able to get started working as early as LeGuin did. In fact, I don't get out of bed until fifteen minutes after her workday started. For that reason, my own workday stretches out longer than her ideal workday did. I've thought of shooting for 1:00, more or less, but yesterday, for instance, I finished around 2:30. 

And then I did something with my after work time. I worked on maintaining a little sledding hill in our front yard. We're expecting rain and then more snow this week, so my thought was that I'd work on making a good track, it might ice over once the rain was done, then with more snow over that--Yikes! 


The sledding was much better yesterday than I expected. If you are familiar with My Life Among the Aliens, I was headed right for No Mom's Land in that video. I ended up just nudging it. To be honest, our sled course is probably better than it ever was when the kids who inspired Aliens were living here. Sorry about that, guys.

Well, improving your sled run isn't reading and listening to music, but it ain't cleaning toilets or changing beds, either. 

The Sledding Method Of Time Management Is Born

I'm thinking that this schedule involves some mind games--an after work carrot. And maybe some planning for each day, so that it's not how long you sit in front of your computer but what you get done. You can't leave until you've done X. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can go sledding. Metaphorically speaking.

Yes. I'm going to call this the Sledding Method of Time Management. I may write an article. A flipping book. How do I trademark this?

Video Warning 


I never gave posting videos here a thought. Now that I've successfully done one, I'm going to be looking for more video subjects. That may not be good news.

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