Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Time Management Tuesday: Time To Begin Again. Again.

Yes, you have seen very little of me since December 19.

One of my first Time Management Tuesday posts involved the necessity of controlling our personal time in order to have work time. "...the boundary between professional and personal time is very thin and very wobbly," I said. "It is all too easy for personal time to bleed into work time," I said. And that is just what happened in December and January with some health problems for a couple of family members that were more time consuming than serious, and, of course, the holidays, and a branch of the family having COVID Christmas weekend, which resulted in holiday celebrations being moved and not finished until this past Saturday. Interesting side note: We had seven members of the extended family with COVID between mid-November and the first week of January. In case you were thinking the pandemic is over. We managed to avoid it Chez Gauthier, though we had what seemed to be a pretty good exposure the Wednesday before Christmas.

Retreat reading & yoga view

Also, I went on retreat earlier this month. 

For the last couple of weeks, I've started to get up off the mat and begin again, to mix martial arts and meditation metaphors.

That Was Then And This Is Now

Usually at the end of December I go over my goals and objectives for the past year to see how I've done and decide what I want to do going forward. I'm not going backwards a month to do that, because I'm already going forward. 

I will say, though, that last year I:

  • Made 32 submissions resulting in 8 publications
  • Walked 112 miles on trails in state forests and parks
  • Biked 44 miles

And What Is This Going Forward You Mentioned?

That will be covered next week. As a tease, I will say that I hope to have a slightly different look for the blog by then.


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