Thursday, February 09, 2023

My First Publication Of The Year Is About...Macaroni And Cheese!

As I was just saying a couple of days ago, I am focusing on writing for adults this year. One of the things I'm interested in writing about for adults is eating. I do not mean I'm interested in food writing. For food writing, you need to know something. I'm interested in writing about eating.

My first publication for 2023 is, indeed, about eating. Mac and Me: A personal history of macaroni and cheese was published yesterday at Kitchen Tales.  

While writing eating essays for adults is new for me, writing about eating is not.

My first book, My Life Among the Aliens, was built around the premise that a mom's healthy, wholegrain cooking was drawing alien life forms to the family home, which her kids than had to deal with. In the follow-up book, Club Earth, Will and Rob come up with a sugar- and additive-laden dinner that drives away the aliens using their house as a resort.

My fourth book, The Hero of Ticonderoga, includes a meal of French Canadian treats loved by the main character, but not by her guest. And food plays a big role in Saving the Planet & Stuff

So it's not at all out of character for me to be writing about eating. I'm just doing it now for adults.

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