Wednesday, April 19, 2023

National Humor Month. It's A Thing.

A few days ago, I learned through a mailing from the Thurber House that April is National Humor Month. It appears that this has been a thing since the mid-seventies, but I have missed it. April is Poetry Month. It is Earth Month. Evidently April contains multitudes.

I may have missed National Humor Month because it was founded "to heighten public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor" rather than for some reason related to humor as literature. Nonetheless, the Children's Book Council created a list of humor books this year in observance of the month, while the Princeton Public Library has a list of humorous adult books.

In the week and a half that's left of this month you can also visit humor posts here at Original Content.  A lot of the more recent ones are about my humor writing the last couple of years, but if you go back you'll find posts on other authors' books and possibly even a post or two on writing humor.

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