Saturday, June 24, 2023

Why Have You Forsaken Us, Gail?

No, I have not forsaken Original Content. But now that I'm writing other kinds of short-form work, the short-form blog posts don't seem as pressing. In fact, a blog post I began last week may become a short-form piece published elsewhere. Or not.

Some Things I've Been Doing The Last Couple Of Weeks Instead Of Blogging

1. I went to Niagara Falls for a few days. This was my third and most extensive visit. One of my other trips I was literally just passing through town. I took some spectacular videos, IMHO, but I can't make them post, so these pictures will have to do.

It turns out, there is a Niagara River that runs from the falls to Lake Ontario. I biked along it for the second time this trip. The other time I biked there I must not have known where the hell I was. In addition to the bike trip, we also walked along the top of the gorge the Niagara River creates on its way to Lake Ontario. Honest to God, I had no knowledge of the great lake involvement with Niagara. I am a great fan of Niagara Falls, but also of great lakes. So this was a multiplier trip.

2. I have been preparing for John the Baptist Day.  You know, the French Canadian holiday that happened today. All you French Canadians and FrancoAmericans have, like me, been planning cookouts, making your deck presentable, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and dealing with cancellations, because, just like Christmas and Easter, people are sick.

3. I finished a quick revision of one of my completed adult manuscripts, which I hope to start submitting again next week. Which means the week after.

4. I've been binge reading some not very elevating historical mysteries. This experience has given me an idea for a scifi short story, because I am committed to short-form work as I've mentioned before.

I'm Psyched For The Next Few Weeks 

  1. I won't be planning a holiday meal and gathering. 
  2. I've got that book submission coming up. I find submissions exciting, because rejection doesn't bother me. In fact, there's something to be said for it. Acceptance always involves additional work of some kind.
  3. I have a bag of books I got at my favorite library a couple of weeks ago, I'm reading one of the historical mysteries as an ebook, and I was just notified that two ebooks I requested are available. 

So if I'm not posting here regularly, it's because I'm doing that.

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