Wednesday, July 26, 2023

How Much Do Writers Need To Be Concerned About AI?

I have not been paying much attention to this whole AI thing. A few months ago, a Facebook friend who writes about finances for musicians wrote an article on the subject and then did whatever magic has to be done to have an AI write the same thing to see how they compared. The AI version read, to me, like those on-line articles/blog posts written by people who have little knowledge of a subject and are just cranking out material to sell hither and yon. It hit basic points, but provided no depth or detail. Perhaps ringard, if, like me, you are watching the first season of Emily in Paris. Basic, lame. 

Then yesterday another Facebook friend posted a link to Beware AI-produced Children's Books! at Sonderbooks. In this piece, Sondra Eklund describes how she came to purchase an AI book for her library and what she found when she read it.

"The book starts out extremely repetitive and very poorly worded. There's no logical progression between sentences, and some sentences repeat on later pages, except often with contradictory information or in a slightly different form. It's got stock photo images and clip art text pages."

Really, you need to read her whole post.

I still tend to feel that if AI-generated books are this bad, they aren't going to be anything to worry about in the long run. This will cause excitement for a while, then just disappear.

But I've only seen two samples, and two is not a statistically significant number. Also, I've heard rumors that this stuff will get better.

So I'm not concerned...yet.

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