Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm Cleaning My Desk Again!

On Feb. 14, 2003 I did a blog on Reading Rants, which is a site of book lists for teens on various subjects. I had stumbled upon the site, which is how I find most places on the Web, made a copy of one of the lists, and left it floating around my desk for who knows how long. Then, when I stumbled upon that, I wrote a blog about it.

Well, folks, I've done it again. I made a hard copy of a Reading Rants' list called Reality Bytes: Non-fiction about teens, for teens, which I thought looked interesting, and left it floating around my desk. Now, I'm only a week or two behind on life--well, probably a month to be honest--and can take a few minutes to clean my desk and I found the hard copy. So now you're hearing about. Really, I would read some of these books if I had the time. How's that for a recommendation!

Here is something interesting and timely I found at the Reading Rants site today: Joss Whedon of Buffy and Angel fame has written a graphic novel called Fray, which is about a futuristic slayer, of course.

I would have loved to have linked to something about Joss Whedon, but I couldn't find an official site for either him or his production company. I found masses of fan stuff for him, but what to choose? what to choose? I think it's great that a writer is getting so much attention and is so loved but in my experience this kind of stuff just doesn't happen to writers. Which leads me to wonder if Whedon doesn't have some connection to that circle of evil dudes Angel and his team took out on the series finale Wednesday night.


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