Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Strange New World

It has been so long since I've posted that my host has totally changed its format. I have only the vaguest idea what I'm doing here folks.

The draft I was revising since the beginning of February went out in the mail last Friday. I won't go into what happens to me during the last few weeks I'm working on a revision except to say it ain't pretty. Among other things I have to finally become so focused to get it done that I just have to ignore most everything else in my life. Now I'm so far behind with my living I don't know where to begin. Plus there's all these new work projects I want to get started on.

Perhaps I should begin by cleaning my desk.

This morning I did do something new and positive. I registered this weblog with a site called Globe of Blogs, which should bring it to the attention of more readers. I am confident that something will come of it since, to my knowledge, only one person has ever read Original Content. Only one more person has to see it, and I'll have a one hundred percent increase in readership.

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