Monday, September 06, 2004

Oh, No! I Found Another One!

Another children's literature blog! Last spring I could only find a few. Now they're multiplying. I keep adding them to my list of daily web reading. Soon that's all I'll be doing--reading weblogs.

Anyway, this weekend I found The Places You Will Go. It appears to have only been around since May, which explains why I didn't find it this past spring when I was looking for kidlit blogs. (Though other such blogs--including this one--just didn't show up when I searched.) I couldn't find any info about the author at The Places You Will Go, though I am, as usual, rushed and may have missed it. There are a number of Favorite Book and Author links for me to check out at some point, which will probably mean I'll find even more sites I'll want to go to regularly.

Once a week this blogger publishes a Poem of the Week, which is an interesting and unique twist. Also, a quick scan of earlier entries suggests that this blogger, like me, is always cleaning her desk.

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