Friday, December 17, 2004

December Stinks

December is always a lousy month for me because I can't multi-task so getting ready for Christmas while working and just walking around living is way, way too much for me. After my incredibly intense November taking part in National Novel Writing Month (don't worry--I'm not going to get started on that again; though they did send me my NaNoWriMo decal this past week)all I've done this month is work on updating my website. And that's not done yet. Oh, wait. I wrote an essay for my black belt promotion test. Oh, wait again. That's not actually work related.

Oh, wait a third time! I did a seventh--that's seventh--draft of Happy Kid!. The work involved was minor, and I was able to turn the job around in 48 hours.

So I'm looking forward to January, which is a favorite month for me. I'm thinking about making a big effort to do even one little work related thing each day in the new year no matter what. Of course, last year at this time I think I said that in the new year I would write in my journal every day, which would be doing something work related.

I've got to think of an easier work related thing I can do every day.

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