Friday, December 10, 2004

The Princess Diaries

I finally saw The Princess Diaries. I agree with the person who wrote the review I linked to. The movie is pleasant but not extraordinary. I did think Julie Andrews had a great deal of screen presence, and the movie was more interesting when she was on-screen. She also had great clothes. I'm afraid that thinking that makes me an old coot.

I may try reading one of Meg Cabot's Princess Diary books now. Not because I found the story so gripping but because I'd like to see how the book differs from the movie. I got the impression from the website that the princess's father isn't dead in the book.

Cabot says at her website that when she was a child she used to tell her parents that her real parents, the king and queen, would be coming to get her soon. I can remember having fantasies that my real parents were someone other than the people I lived with. Except in my case they were wealthy Mafia kingpins. I guess I believed it was more likely that I'd be related to criminals than royalty.

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