Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Working and Liking It

I had a much better workday today than I've had for a while, actually staying on task. I have a new system that just might work for me. I'm mentioning this because I think I've been whining lately.

My tech guy bought me this cool new thing called a flashdrive. The day after he gave it to me I saw Kiefer Sutherland using one on 24. I used it to back up my files for the first time today. Unbelievably easy to use. Unfortunately, the one I have doesn't have enough storage space so someone has to go back to the store.

It's That Time of Year
A number of writing conferences are coming up in Connecticut this spring:

The 2005 National Writers' Workshop is coming up in Hartford on April 16 & 17. It's sponsored by The Hartford Courant and The Poynter Institute. It actually appears to be one in a series of weekend workshops held at various locations across the country. It is really inexpensive.

Then, the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Assocation is holding something it calls a university, in Hartford on May 7.

And then there's the Wesleyan Writers Conference in June.

All of which are only marginally connected to kidlit.

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