Friday, April 22, 2005

Shirley Jackson Could Get Her Own TV Series

If you scroll down far enough on this article, you'll see that the Sci Fi Channel is considering a television series about Shirley Jackson.

I loved Shirley Jackson when I was a teenager. I loved her. She wrote. I wanted to write She lived in Vermont. I lived in Vermont. She was a mom. Being a mom made her seem normal, and I thought writers were odd, like astronauts or presidents. She wrote creepy stories and mom stories. Her books were among the first I bought when I was a teenager and intent on building my own library. (I no longer want my own library because I don't want to take care of all those books. Yet we probably have a couple of thousand here.) I thought many of her books were deep and profound. I read The Lottery to my kids when they were in grade school.

I think I may have a book of her short stories somewhere around the house. I'll have to go look for it. Especially since I'm obsessing about writing and publishing short stories these days.

Thanks to Blog of a B.S. for the link.

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