Thursday, August 11, 2005

This is so Familiar, It's Creepy

This article on the music industry sounds so very, very much like things I've read and heard about publishing. What all this kind of talk makes me think is that eventually publishing of all kinds of media will return to small or even personal businesses that accept that they aren't going to make a fortune and will be more responsive to the public.

More Thoughts on Point of View--They Just Won't Go Away

I'm reading a book called The Lake, The River & The Other Lake by Steve Amick. Definitely not a kids' book or YA, though there are some teen characters. I'm bringing it up because of the point of view. It bounces among a wide array of characters living in a scenic town in Michigan. Now, I think I used to read books of this type when I was younger and, perhaps, more intellectually spry than I am now. (Didn't Dandelion Wine jump around? I loved that book back in my college days.) But I haven't read one in a while. I believe books with a "point of view character" are more what you're likely to find now.

I do like many of the characters, some more than others, but some of my favorites disappear for long periods of time as we bounce among the others. I also like books with a strong sense of place, and this book definitely has one. But I keep going, Where's the story? What's the point?

Is there something that books written like this are supposed to accomplish that I just don't know about? Is that strong sense of place supposed to be particularly meaningful here? Is the place the point?

Some day when I find that monastary with the point-of-view monks, I'm going to ask them these questions.

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