Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yes, What Does It All Mean?

I've started listening to The Know-It-All by A. J. Jacobswhile I'm ironing clothes or sewing. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. I iron and sew.) The Know-It-All is about Jacobs quest to read The Encyclopedia Britannica. All of it.

Jacobs gets to the end of volume "C" and says something about not knowing what all this knowledge means. He doesn't feel any different. (I can't actually quote him because I'm listening to this on CD and can't figure out how to reverse without listening to an entire track again.)

His comment reminded me of my summer study on writing short stories. I have this vague hope that at some future date (also vague)I'll start doing fantastic revisions (yup, vague, too) of my short stories. But beyond that, I don't really feel any more competent than I was before.

So, since I'm not feeling particularly improved by my last round of studying, I'm going on to How to Read a Book--as I may have mentioned before--so I'll have more knowledge that won't make me feel any different.

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