Thursday, February 23, 2006

And You Thought It Couldn't Be Done

Dean Dad has a great...uh...composition?...comparing Curious George and Brokeback Mountain called Men in Hats. Beware of a spoiler, though I can't say it was a major surprise.

I hope I never wrote anything like that when I was in college. Maybe I should burn those old papers I've kept. If I could find them.

Thanks to Blog of a Bookslut for the link.

My Big Weekend

Tomorrow I leave for my first writers' retreat. My only retreat experience to date involved a bunch of Congregationalists in the middle of the woods with a case of wine. They were up until one o'clock in the morning, and then got a little ugly the next day regarding their caffeine addiction, which appeared to be a requirement for church membership. I have no idea what we were supposed to be doing. There was some praying, but nowhere near as much as you'd expect. Needless to say, I left early.

Anyway, on Saturday I will be giving the talk I blogged about yesterday. The stage will be mine. Every breath I take will be interesting, as Rusty DeWees would say. I will sound commanding, as my sambumnim would say. I will live in the moment. Yada yada yada.

But first, tomorrow night I will take part in some sort of first page critique. First pages will be read aloud and two or three editors and myself will critique them. This sounds a lot like American Idol to me. If so, I absolutely do not want to be Paula. Randy maybe. But you all know me. I hate everything. I will have to be Simon.

I will try to get pictures.

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