Thursday, May 10, 2007

Free Books

A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat will be published six weeks from today. To celebrate that event, we're going to be giving away five copies of the book on publication day. You can learn how to take a chance at winning one of the books at my homepage.

I'm going to be doing some giveaways throughout the year. On August 13th, I'll be giving away a copy of My Life Among the Aliens to celebrate the Perseids. I might do a giveaway around Labor Day with A Year with Butch and Spike to celebrate the beginning of the school year.

If only I had thought of this a few weeks ago instead of a few hours ago. Today is the anniversary of the taking of Fort Ticonderoga by the Green Mountain Boys. It would have been the perfect time to give away copies of The Hero of Ticonderoga. Oh, well. Instead I'll have to give away a copy in January on Ethan Allen's birthday.

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