Friday, September 21, 2007

You Can Tell Vacation's Almost Over

I'm back in the country after four days in Ottawa but not yet home. You can tell I'm getting close, though, because I had a little time this evening and access to a hotel computer so I tried to catch up on my blog reading. I'm worried about being way behind once I'm back in the Land of Steady Habits and Regular Income.

I also made the mistake of checking my webstats, which had grown steadily to incredible proportions but in just two months have crashed down into the toilet. (Was it something I said?)

Before I left Connecticut, I printed out the last two chapters of the old draft of The Durand Cousins, thinking I might work on the revision in odd moments. I must not have had any odd moments, because I never touched them.

Yup, I've got lots of reasons to be all excited about getting home and back to work.

But first I'm biking in a Revolutionary War battlefield tomorrow morning. This particular Gauthier vacation was missing a trip to a war-related site, and we can't go home until we take care of that.

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