Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Intense Weekend On The Internet--But Not For Me

The second Bloggiesta will be held this coming weekend, Friday through Sunday. It appears to be a marathon weekend of blogging and blog housekeeping. It's the kind of short, intensive burst of energy I love. However, if all the grandparents stay stable, I'll be leaving for an abbreviated annual retreat week on Sunday, and it will be all I can do to get ready for it on Friday and Saturday. Maybe next time.

Friday is also the first day of the Comments Challenge. That lasts 21 days, so I might pick up on it after I get home. (I have internet access on the retreat, but I feel that the whole point of a retreat is to take classes at the fitness center, frolic in the snow, read, and eat out in restaurants. The closest I want to come to working is reading back issues of professional magazines and writing in my journal. I try to avoid the laptop because it makes me feel as if I'm back in my office.) I didn't do very well with the Comments Challenge last year because for years I've been trying to avoid mindless prattle (um, except here) and lots of time I couldn't think of comments that didn't sound like mindless prattle or as if I were saying anything that came into my head so that I could reach a commenting goal. But perhaps I will try to do just one comment a day instead of five. You'd think I could come up with one thing to say each day that didn't sound mindless.

So everyone have an intense time without me this weekend.

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