Monday, January 18, 2010

A Mature Cinderella

Back in my youth, it wasn't unusual to see feminist variations on Cinderella, in which we were treated to what happened after the heroine got the prince and was stuck with the reality of dealing with a man every day of her life. The point was that women couldn't rely on princes. So true, so true, but the tales tended to be a little strident and pedantic.

Cinderella in Autumn by Hilary Mantel is much better done and brings Cinderella into the reality of our celebrity obsessed world. Without giving anything away, I can say that the ending is terrific because, indeed, there's no convincing some people that a prince isn't the answer. You'd think they would learn, but no.

Today was child_lit day with my listserv reading, and that's where I found this link.

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Maureen Hume said...

Thanks, Gail. This could a modern Cinderella book I might enjoy. I read 'Ash' and although the idea was interesting I didn't really like it as much as I though I would.