Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ah, Earth Day

I was once totally into Earth Day. I used to plan Sunday school lessons around it. I used to take children to Audubon Center programs related to it. Ah, those were the days.

Things have deteriorated so here at Chez Gauthier that I didn't even realize it was coming up until I received a press release regarding children's author Seymour Simon who will be appearing this Saturday as part of the national Earth Day organization’s "Days of Service and Performing Arts," which will take place throughout the weekend of April 17-18th on the National Mall in Washington DC. Simon will be speaking and reading from his latest book, Global Warming.

Here I am, so out of the loop, though once I wrote an enviromentalish book. Hey, folks, this could happen to you.

Earth Day is actually April 22, which is next Thursday. Thursday is an elder care day here. Perhaps the elder will agree to observing the event in some way. At the very least, I can take her returnable cans back to the store.

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