Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy Moses! Talk About A Voice!

I recently discovered Short Story Reader, probably through Blog of a Bookslut, but I can't be sure, and just started dipping into it today. I read the Reader's post on The Movement of Horses by Adam Cushman as well as the short story itself at Fawlt Magazine. Now, my followers, this is a short story published as adult fiction, and there is adult language and content. I am not trying to mislead anyone. But the main character is a teenager with quite an impressive voice, and I thought adults interested in kidlit might find this fine story interesting for that reason.

As I've said before, while voice can be the be all and end all in YA, I'm not aware of a lot of talk about it in adult fiction. So when I notice it, I tend to get a bit excited.

Plot Project: Hmmm. If this story's plot was developed around a character wanting something, what was it? Did he get it? Hey, and does the character change, or does our perception of him change? Deep stuff.

Training Report:1600 words, many of them revised, but some newly minted work, too. A good day for me, though I didn't get any research done on Project 2. I did do some research for a submission, though.

I received a rejection yesterday and this week learned of three people leaving a publishing company, one of whom I'd had some contact with over the years. Two of these people appear to have been laid off. No word on the third one, though knowing what happened to the other two, it doesn't look good. Bad times, bad times.

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