Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will There Be No End? Or Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

I've been revising the first three chapters of the new book over and over again these last few months. I've done about six revisions, I believe, but I gave up starting new folders for each draft and have just been sawing away at the first three chapters of the third draft, reworking them and reworking them.

Six revisions doesn't sound like much, but, remember, I work very slowly. There are many more chapters to revise or perhaps discard, and many chapters still to be written because I've never finished a complete draft.

Sometimes this past year I would think, the first draft will be done by summer. Or the first draft will be done by September. Then I'd do some more work on those first three chapters. Now I'm thinking maybe November or Christmas.

Today, I finished the sixth revision of Chapter Three, closed up the file, thought, That's done, and went upstairs. By the time I got there, I'd thought of some more things to do to Chapter One. Oddly enough, I didn't do those things, but I did a few others that I feel very good about.

Though I know I sound chronically depressed at this blog sometimes, I do feel that in the last week I've worked out some important backstory and a relationship. And about fifteen or twenty minutes ago I came up with a title.

The Fletcher Farm Body. For the time being, anyway, I'm feeling good about that.

So what I'm talking about here, folks, is what started out to be the 365 Story Project and has evolved into something else that I'm calling The Fletcher Farm Body.

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