Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Talk About One Of My Least Favorite Genres

The New York Times has a neat piece on YA dystopian literature's popularity. The layout of the material is interesting because there's no interaction at all among the authors discussing the subject, no give and take with an interviewer. You just click on the author photos, and you are directed to their spin on the subject.

I met Lisa Rowe Fraustino earlier this month. I was excited to see someone I kind of know in The New York Times.

My favorite contributor contribution came from Jay Parini, who described teenagers as feeling gamed by the system. He seems to be expressing an adolescent feeling of "I'm mad as hell, and reading about civilization falling will make me feel better." It's odd that I liked Parini's piece best, because his is not a name I associate with YA or kidlit.

Link from Cynsations.

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